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Dibond Labels

  • Our dibond labels are printed therefore they are a full colour option.
  • Made from combined materials, these are the thickest labels we supply. They are also the most durable due to having a polyethylene core, sandwiched between two layers of aluminium and finished with a high quality lacquered surface.
  • These labels are lightweight and corrosive resistant, making them ideal for external use.
  • They can be made to your exact size, shape and colour specification and are also available with either an adhesive backing or with cut out screw holes.
  • Samples are available on request.

Vinyl Labels

  • Our vinyl labels can be printed in full colour.
  • These labels are paper thin, making them extremely flexible and have a glossy premium finish. They can be made to your exact size, shape and colour specification.
  • The labels are produced with a peel off layer revealing a sticky adhesive backing. They can be applied to both flat or curved surfaces and are supplied in an easy to use sheet format.
  • Samples are available on request.